Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a pretty simple game once you are able to master the basics. You need to make a hand with a total value as close to 21 as possible without crossing the limit. Players are always in the hopes that the dealer makes the worse hand or busts. However, nothing is possible unless you have a good blackjack strategy. Your first step is to understand the house rules. They can often differ. In addition, always stick to your budget and protect your bank roll by playing for stakes you can manage. A table with a stake of 3-5 percent of your bankroll should be a safe bet.

images-13The objective in blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand. In this game the cards of any other player than the dealer do not matter. One important blackjack strategy that some players ignore is to stick when you are on a total of 17. Don’t draw any more cards since the odds of drawing a card with a value that will keep your hand under 21 are slim. Remember, the dealer needs to keep drawing cards until he reaches or exceeds 17 to beat you. So let him draw, not you.

If you have two cards with a face value of ten it would be wise to refrain from splitting since two tens make a total hand of 20 which is hard for a dealer to beat. You will struggle if you split and are then dealt a 6 on one and 5 on the other. Your blackjack strategy should be to stay with your twenty and not split. In addition, it is recommended that you do not split a pair of 5s. If your next card is an eight or higher, you will have a good hand. However, if you have a pair of 8s you could split them since a total of 16 puts you in a difficult spot. If you draw you will need to hope for a five or less to stay in the game. If a dealer has a ten then you may not want to split since he has to keep drawing until he gets to 17 or close. If the dealer ends up drawing a six he will have to draw again and face the danger of losing since anything over five gives the game to you with your pair of eights.

When comes to splitting and aces, if you have two aces then opt for a split. If your next card is a ten you’ve made a blackjack. In this case, the dealer will need to match that to win. You can buy insurance against the dealer making a blackjack if the dealer shows and ace.


European Roulette

In traditional gambling style, the gamblers used to plan a distinguished visit to their favorite casino city. However, the time has transformed and now the gambling lovers can enjoy the royal world of thrill and incitement at their homes. The credit goes to the advancement and popularity of the internet. One can find all the popular casino games and can win whopping cash prices just at few clicks. Play Blackjack, Baccarat, Slot machines, poker games, and Roulette online.

article-2220167-0000544600000CB2-871_634x409Roulette is one of the incredibly popular game in the world of casino. American roulette and European roulette are the two versions of roulette. It is a table game with a lengthy history stretching back to France in the 17th century. This game includes a roulette wheel which spin one way while a ball is thrown in another direction. The players have to wager upon the section of the wheel where the ball will stop. If the ball lands on the zero pocket, the player loose half of the amount he has bet. Hence, winning the game will require the utilization of betting strategies. The game is totally based upon probability, and each table has different limits for minimum and maximum betting.

Both the versions, American and European roulette, differ on the fashion in which the numbers are arranged on the wheel. The European version of the game has 37 pockets, one zero and numbers from 1 to 36. The zero is of green color, and other numbers are in a combination of red and black. However, the other version of the game has 38 grids, with double zero and numbers being the same. A player is favored to get an advantage while playing the version with less number of pockets. As, this version presents less advantage to the casino. This is a reason why European version is more popular amongst the roulette lovers.

One may not find European roulette in some of the non-European locations; however, this is not an issue while playing it online. In the online casino market, one is likely to get all the variations of the game at a common place. Playing online casino games brings various benefits to the player. The online sites provide a wide variety of casino games at reduced cost. Another appealing aspect offered by online sites is free gambling games. Some of the sites also provide excellent game packages which can not be availed while playing live.

The game, European roulette, is widely played in both live and online casino around the globe. However, prior involving yourself in any of the online games, get a clear understanding of rules to be followed while playing. The rules need to be followed sternly for winning the bets.


Jackpot Slots

If you would like ideas on how to win at casino slots, then read this approach. You will learn the reality and the delusion about jackpot slots.

FunzioHeaderThere are two main sorts of casino slots. Prior to going to the betting house to play plug-ins, it is essential that you know the two sorts of machines as a way to identify which some may be suitable for you to play with along with ensure big variety of profits. It is undeniable that almost all casino players may wish to maximize their outstanding.

Joyland blackjack casino offers several different blackjack bonuses most notably a high roller?850 pleasant bonus. 8 blackjack bonuses are all around. The high roller welcome bonus might be contributed to the casino account immediatley for people with deposited ?5, 000 absolutely free bonus, it is advisable to create your first particular deposit of at the very least ?5, 000 in to your casino consideration. The bonus exists to be a welcome gesture, to entice anyone to play at that will casino. A great deal of casinos are providing a bonus to welcome that suits you a friendly deliver.

1. Visit an online site which offers you specifics of all the bonuses offered, and be sure that you simply desire to discover the high roller special.

Superstitions have been part of gambling since a long time. Gamblers from globally believe in some form of superstition and generally speaking they also share precisely the same set of values. However, there are some countries including China which has a different set of superstitions. These superstitions or simply beliefs determine the things which are considered lucky and the wonderful which are thought to be unlucky.

There are many gamblers that will just do anything to elevate their chances of winning although it includes engaging in a ritual of some type before or through the game. While you’ll find groups of gamblers for example Chinese gamblers with adopted their own lot of superstitions, there are a common list of superstitions that a large number of gamblers share. Let us look at examples of the common superstitions and a few of the Chinese superstitions.


Deposits and Withdrawals

images-8MoneyBookers was the first to obtain an electronic money license from the FSA or Financial Services Authority. They offer players a convenient way to handle transactions at online casinos. Several online casinos accept this payment processor that has now become common all over the globe. Players in the United States are not permitted to use MoneyBookers for their transactions. However, apart from online casino deposits and withdrawals, US based players can utilize the payment processor for other types of ecommerce. MoneyBookers casinos are known for the prompt transactions.

Creating an account with MoneyBookers can be accomplished in a few minutes. A verification process is conducted, which includes micro-payments being made to your account after which you need to confirm the amounts. Once you make a confirmation, you are ready to use the payment processor for all your ecommerce needs. MoneyBookers is popular in Asian countries and Europe as well.

At MoneyBookers casinos you will notice how convenient it is to transact. You don’t have to waste time waiting to play your favorite casino games unlike some other payment methods which can take days to realize. All you need is to sign up for a MoneyBookers account and you can start using it to transfer money from your credit card or checking account. One of the major advantages is you don’t have to share any of your personal or financial information when you use the payment processor at any MoneyBookers casinos or online stores. This provides players with a greater degree of security and peace of mind to make transactions with confidence.

Some MoneyBookers casinos offer additional bonuses for players that use it as their preferred payment option. Just make sure to check for any special promotions and bonuses prior to signing up. Most of the reputed online casinos do not charge any additional fee for using MoneyBookers as a payment options. Depending on the terms and conditions of the online casino, players may need to deposit a minimum amount before they can use the payment processor for further deposits and withdrawals.

There are several options to fund your MoneyBookers account. You can use wire transfers, bank account, credit or debit cards and other online payment options. For players looking for the ideal payment solution ought to try MoneyBookers. Its wide network and millions of members is proof enough of its reputation as a reliable and convenient payment method.


Credit Card Casinos

Using your credit card to make your first deposit at a casino may seem a quick and seamless way to get started. However, only some banks allow gambling-related transactions while many turn down the transaction. There may be a few who ultimately approve if you call to authorize it. Credit card casinos may be hard to find but there are some that still work with the Visa and Mastercard brands. On these sites you can enjoy deposit bonus offers and get stated playing your favorite game in almost an instant. With identity theft on the rise it is important to sign up with reliable credit card casinos.

images-10As a player always make it a point t check if you can use credit cards at an online casino, whether you want to play blackjack, video poker, slots or any other game. Making a deposit at online credit card casinos requires you to supply the casino with details such as your credit card number. Make sure to enter your name as it appears on the credit card or your transaction may be declined. Many credit card companies will conduct a verification process when you make an deposit at credit card casinos. Some may provide a special password to ensure the safety of your card.

Some credit card companies treat online casino deposits as cash advances, which could entail an extra fee. Just make sure to call up your credit card company and clarify their policy. In addition, confirm with the customer service representative of your online casino as well. There are some credit card companies that do not permit withdrawals to your card so you would have to make other arrangements when you wish to cash out.

Some credit card casinos offer bonuses and allow deposits and withdrawals by credit card as well. The amount you can deposit depends on your line of credit, and the minimum or maximum amount the casino permits. However, make sure your deposit if what you can comfortably afford from your entertainment budget. Legislation in the United States still controls how banks transact with online gaming sites, where some credit card transactions may move smoothly while some may not.



It is important for players to have a variety of payment options when it comes online poker. One of the latest and popular payment methods available is Click2Pay. There are several benefits of playing at Click2Pay casinos. It is easy to sign up and use the card at online casinos. Most online merchants accept the card which make it most convenient. Setting up an account with Click2Pay can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Once you open an account you can visit online casinos that accept Click2Pay, enter your username, personal account number, and password and you are ready to make a transaction.

images-11One of the biggest benefits of Click2Pay casinos is that you don’t have to enter any personal or banking details on the casino’s website. Simply enter your Click2Pay details and the funds will be transferred to the merchant’s account. The company instantly performs a check for funds in your bank account or credit card before making a transfer. It is one of the safest methods since you pay Click2Pay instead of the merchant. There’s no more need to enter your credit card details every time. After you register, just a simple click is enough to complete a transaction at Click2Pay casinos. When you sign up the company conducts a verification process, so make sure to provide a valid telephone number.

Another major advantage is that Click2Pay have stringent guidelines for the approval of merchants, which makes it a convenient and safe payment method. As per their privacy policy they do not sell or disclose client information to any third party while their servers are encrypted to protect data from identity theft. Click2Pay casinos are limited to specific countries although they are likely to expand. US players are not yet permitted as per regulations to fund their online personal accounts. The service is available 24/7 which includes account access and customer support.

Withdrawals via Click2Pay can be processed via check or through EFT or electronic funds transfer. Funds can be transferred to your Click2Pay account through direct bank transfer, credit card or debit card. There are deposit limits for each transaction. The currencies supported include USD, EUR and GBP.


Payment Options

download-1Dankort, the national credit card of Denmark offers both Danish and non-Danish residents a convenient payment method at online casinos. The cards are included in the Visa brand and can be used worldwide. Dankort casinos are slowly becoming more popular while the card is likely to work at online casinos that bear the Visa logo.

Residents of Denmark are eligible to become a Dankort credit card holder. Major Danish banks are among the provider of these credit cards. You will need to fill an application at one of the banks. On approval you will receive your card after which you can conduct transactions at Dankort casinos. Depositing funds at Dankort casinos is easy. Log into your account at the casino, enter your card number, security code and expiry date, along with the amount you want to deposit and you will be able to begin playing instantly.

For players living in Denmark, Dankort does not charge any fee to make a deposit. You may need to provide proof of identity or any related documentation for your first withdrawal. Some Dankort casinos do not charge any fee. However, even those that do will charge less than an e-wallet. The card is also available for residents in Finland. Withdrawals can be made from your casino balance to your bank account. Dankort debit cards can also be used, where the card is attached to your bank account and transactions can be conducted limited to the funds you have in your account.

Dankort debit cards are available to individuals who have a bank account with the Danske Bank Group. The card can be used internationally at online casinos. However, U.S. and Canadian players are not permitted to use this payment method. Apart from Dankort casinos, the card can also be used as an ATM card.


Poker Bankroll

Online poker has become so popular over the years due to the numerous success stories and campains to promote it that the number of young players and beginners is very high, there are no doubt many willing to try their luck at poker, the majority have no or very little idea that poker is nPoker-Bankroll-Management-ItS-Like-Running-Your-Own-Businessot really a luck based game like any other casino or slot games out there, in online poker skill actually matters. A solid strategy will get you far in the achieveing the goal to build up a strong bankroll but bankroll management will also be important, even maybe the most important aspect. On the short run luck can play an important role, this is important especiually if you are using a high risk strategy, then in some cases luck is an important factor but with a safe play with the goal to build up a poker bankroll a long run is much more productive. Following WSOP and other tournament winners it is easy to realise that these poker stars skill is clearly different, some are better some ar not, but they all have very good management skills. A good management skill will indicate how much, when and on what stakes you should bet. The image attached to this article can be a very basic guide and can give you a basic idea on how you should climb the stakes ladder.

Tips to improve your management skills

– Altough i am not an expert or a professional player i have been playing poker since 2008 on a regular basis. No doubt the most useful skill one can have is the money manangement skill. The first obvious advice is to keep your poker bankroll from the rest of your money separate. Thing of your online bankroll as money you can afford to lose, majority of players also think of it this way.

– Let your bankroll dictate what limit you will be playing, this is difficult and much harder to get into but it is the safest way to. The best advice will always come from the amount of money you actually have, following the stakes chart is just a visual representation of this. Your initial money will be probably from deposits or the so called free poker bankroll offers that are so very much popular these days. Assuming that most new players deposit or have around $50 in their account learning everything about microstakes is vital and very useful, visiting the blogs of microstake players can prove to be very useful! The standard rule of thumb is that a player has 300 BB when the bankroll drops below this stake must be lowered.


Windows Casino Review

Not to be confused with the all known brand of computer software, the Windows Casino does open a number of windowed opportunities for players to have fun and earn cash. Ever since their reorganization and software switch, they’ve been growing steadily and offering premium content for gambling purposes within a secure environment where players could feel like home.

Software and Games

imagesThere are few software solutions for online gambling that can compete with the package that is offered by the Playtech corp. Their design of casino games is unparalleled, and their creed is to always approach players with fair-play in mind. At the Windows Casino, they’ve brought a full spectrum of old and new games, as well as the option to download the entire bundle for free, or play instantly on your browser.

The games themselves are categorized in four groups:

  • Table and card games: a great selection led by fan favorite European Roulette, American Roulette, Baccarat, Multihand Black Jack and others.
  • Slot games: with games like Beach Life, What’s Cooking, Wild Spirit, Captain’s Treasure Pro and a lot more to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Slots at the Windows Casino.
  • Arcade & skill games: test your brain and reflexes with Keno, Keno Experiment, Spin A Win, Pop Bingo and others!
  • Progressive Jackpots: where the big numbers mean big cash – Cold Rally, Beach Life, Mega Jacks, Mega Ball, etc.


The Windows Casino has a number of promotions that will keep you coming back for more. There’s the above mentioned 250$ free bonus for new players; the Daily CashBack bonus for VIP members; 10% Extra if you deposit via a PaySafe Card; Weekly Deposit Offers can give you a minimum of 1 extra bonus per week; Monthly Match Bonus for every 1st monthly deposit; Game of the Month that doubles your Comp Points (see below in the text); Refer a Friend for an extra 25$ and other premium deals as part of the VIP club!

VIP Club

The exclusive VIP club at the Windows Casino has 6 tiers where loyal players can progress and gain a ton of additional bonuses. The biggest benefit comes in the form of Comp Points – that can double with a high enough player level and can later be swapped for real money.

Banking methods

Several secure and safe banking options are available for deposits and withdrawals at the Windows casino including VISA, Maestro, PaysafeCard, Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Click 2 Pay, ECO and Ukash.


Having a great time while playing online casino games at the Windows Casino is achieved through ingenious game design, awesome bonuses and hassle-free software. Keeping it all together though, requires a high level of security and sophisticated encryption so the players can remain safe and with no worry of data compromise or any form of account loses.


Royal Ace Casino Review

With a wide range of offered games and strong software to back them up, Royal Ace Casino is the perfect place to ace your base. Bonus deals and a VIP club with exclusive deals will keep you coming back for more.

Games and software

images-1Real Time Gaming or RTG for short is a well-known American brand for gambling software for its amazing games line-up, superb real-like animation and graphics, as well as a 128-bit encryption program that ensures stable and unopposed play.

The key word at Royal Ace Casino though is choice. Having the option to choose whether you would like to download the software package or play instantly is a nice little addition to the wide selection of available games. Each game comes with the option for practice so if you simply want to try out something new, you can do so easily without fear of using money.

Customer care and security

As we mentioned before, Royal Ace Casino ensures its continued trustworthiness by using the RTG software which is both secure and reliable. This extends above and beyond deposits and withdrawals as well as keeping your online profile clean of all virtual bugs.

A minor issue players seem to have with the Royal Ace Casino comes from the rather delayed responses from the customer services.


The Royal Ace Casino offers a 100% bonus to new players with no limit on their first deposit, meaning it will match the bonus with the amount of their deposit. There’s a plethora of other game specific bonuses and promotions as well as the exclusive bonuses in the VIP club.